Russell Poulin

Russell Poulin: HE Regulations

Presenter: Russell Poulin is the director of policy and analysis for WCET, the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies.

Day 3 Presentation (NUTN Engagement)

NUTN Policy Presentation: The Regulatory Landscape is Changing – And There’s No Map of What’s Ahead
Higher education regulations have been rescinded, lessened, or ignored. The Office of Inspector General asks WGU to return $700 million. The House of Representatives recommends far-reaching changes in federal requirements for colleges…and the Senate is set to develop different changes. Meanwhile, some regulations are due to go into effect soon, but will they? If you feel a bit lost, you are not alone.

In this session, you will get updates on the what’s happening in regulatory and Congressional fronts, engage in discussions about what is or might happen, explore ways to make our voice heard, and try to sketch out that map of which direction you might head. After all, we can at least pretend that we know where we are going.