. 4th annual Open SUNY Summit .

. February 28 – March 2, 2018 .  SUNY Global Center . New York, New York

The Open SUNY Summit, sponsored by the Open SUNY Online Teaching unit, is an annual SUNY-wide conference specifically for Open SUNY Fellows in the experienced, expert, exemplar, and innovator/researcher roles. Anyone, including Friends of SUNY are welcome!

The first Summit was held in 1998 as an annual face to face meeting of the SLN faculty development and instructional design team and the online campus-based SUNY instructional designers whose campuses participated in the SLN program.

Today, the Summit has evolved as a conference intended for all Open SUNY advanced online practitioners with expertise in online program administration, online faculty development/instructional design, online instruction, online support, etc. Friends of SUNY are also welcome!

Check #OpenSUNYsummit for Summit news, status, and updates.


The Open SUNY Summit has a 3-day agenda.

Day 1 (2.28.18)

Day 2 (3.1.18)

Day 3 (3.2.18)

Open SUNY/NUTN Engagement!


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