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Networking & Mentoring: Special Interest Groups

Moderator:  TBD

Day 3 Presentation (NUTN Engagement)

NUTN Networking and Mentoring: Special Interest Groups
This session will focus on three topics of special interest to those in online education. Break-out groups for each topic will be facilitated, group notes will be collaboratively collected, and shared with a focus on networking and mentoring among participants.


  1. Kevin Bell, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Digital Futures), Western Sydney University, Australia.
  2. Justin Louder, Associate Vice Provost, eLearning & Academic Partnerships, Texas Tech University.
  3. Russ Poulin, Director of Policy and Analysis at WCET, (WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies).

Break-out group topics:

  1. Supporting and catalyzing innovation in online education. (Kevin Bell)
  2. Entrepreneurship and partnerships in online education. (Justin Louder)
  3. Policy, compliance, planning, and financial models in online education. (Russ Poulin)