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Open SUNY: Envisioning the Future

Presenters: Kim Scalzo, Executive Director, Open SUNY & Larry Dugan, Chair of the Open SUNY Advisory Board & Director, Instructional Technologies at MCC.

Day 1 Presentation

Envisioning the Future of Open SUNY
Online learning has evolved over more than 20 years at SUNY to what we currently know as Open SUNY.  SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson outlined four themes for SUNY in her 2018 State of the University System Address, including Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Individualize Learning, Sustainability, and Partnerships.  As we think about the future of online learning at SUNY, we’d like to engage conference attendees in a discussion about the role of Open SUNY in advancing these themes.

Kristyn Muller: Open SUNY Dashboards

Presenter: Kristyn Muller, Impact Analyst, Open SUNY.

Day 1 Presentation

National Data, SUNY Trends, and Campus Reality: What Does Our Data Tell Us?
Who are our online students? What degrees are they seeking? And how can we best support them? These are some of the questions we often ask ourselves, but may have difficulty answering. National data and/or local anecdotes provide some insights, but it’s also important to consider SUNY-wide and campus level trends. The Open SUNY Campus Dashboards, a series of published data visualizations, provide easier access to information about online courses, programs, and students within SUNY. The data can be filtered multiple ways to address a variety of inquiries. This presentation will demonstrate how to use the dashboards, discuss the benefits and limitations of the data, and explain how to appropriately leverage the data for campus needs.